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Our second sound pack ‘DIMENSIONS’ is now out! Buy it @ A Sound Effect

‘Dimensions’ by Melee Sound Design has a wide variety of unique, ready-to-go entrances for your interactive project. Taking place in the imaginative worlds found in science fiction, this collection has 459 sounds of doors, lifts, vaults, gates, and elevators that will help set or blend in with the cyberpunk tone of your scenes. It also includes Foley of buttons, handles, exhaust, and hydraulics so your entrances will appear as complex as the high-tech, classified information they protect. For detailed futuristic door sounds, this library will quickly find its place in your project

My first soundpack release RUPTURE is published by SoundMorph:


Over 20 different materials being ruptured! Categorized for immediate game implementation. For games, film, & TV sound design.

Rupture is a sound library of impacts and destruction, categorized and ready for immediate implementation into any game. It’s not only for games though, Rupture would be perfectly suited in any film or media project where high quality impacts, breaks, and destruction are needed. You could think of Rupture as the baby brother to our massive destruction library Matter Mayhem, but Rupture comes with all new recordings, new textures, and new objects. For the price, it’s a must have!



Rupture was created in collaboration with Rick Hernandez, a Los Angeles based professional sound designer. Rick is an accomplished AAA video game sound designer and field recordist. He also works on feature films & television. Learn more about Rick and his company Melee Sound Design.

Rupture features 375+ sounds and 517Mb of 16bit/48khz files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metada including:

  • – Brick breaks/ crushes
  • – Car impacts
  • – Concrete impacts
  • – Dirt, dust, debris
  • – Drywall impacts
  • – Glass breaks, shatters, cracking
  • – Ice explosions
  • – Lights shatters
  • – Marble impacts
  • – Metal impacts
  • – Plaster impacts
  • – Rock crumble, roll, impacts
  • – Sand blasts, debris, dust
  • – Snow impacts
  • – Trees hits
  • – Water splashes
  • – Wood crushes, impacts, breaks

“Rick did a fantastic job handling the sound for Lost Planet 3. With over 70 minutes of cinematics, 14 + hours of campaign gameplay and multiplayer this was a huge job, Rick lead his team to complete deadlines on time and with quality under some tight deadlines:.

-Scott Eaton

“Rick did great sound design work or us on Battlefield Hardline! He expanded our game’s character movement sounds by creating footsteps and Foley for four distinct sounding factions, and also designed our game’s more intimate melee and takedown sounds.

-Sean Vora

“Working with Rick was an incredible experience. He is a passionate audio director with a great ability to collaborate on the project at hand. He is super knowledgeable about how sound works in games. He is not a dictator but listens to new ideas with great interest. If he doesn’t like an idea, he finds a good compromise that makes everyone happy”.

– Jack Wall

“Rick is an intensely dedicated sound designer. I have had the pleasure of working with him directly for close to two years, and his style was always that of massive amounts of devotion to his craft. He is a good team player”.

-Sunil Thankamushy

“Ricardo is a passionate and talented audio lead. I witnessed his dedication and creative vision fill a large void in our audio department. Specifically, I worked with Ricardo on a lot of cutscene and in-game animations, and he knew how to make them sell with the right audio cue”.

-Andrew Wilson

“Rick was a exceptional talent for the sound department as well as the overall game. His professional skill and tireless commitment to the integration of the sound assets was impressive. I would welcome Rick to my teams anytime”.

-John Garcia-Shelton

“Rick is a passionate, talented sound designer and musician. His dedication to his craft shows itself through his focus and drive; he regularly churns out terrific work, nails his dates, and I have often heard his supervisors sing his praises. I hope to work with Rick again in the future”!

-Dave Prout

“Simply put, Rick is someone you want on your team. He is an extremely talented sound designer, musician, and overall professional talent. His work extends well beyond his craft, as he is dedicated to the overall experience, whether it is pointing out ares of improvement or bugs that often slip by until it is too late to fix”.

-Kevin Scharff

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Rick for the past couple of years at Spark, and I have to say that he is one of the most creative and dedicated people I’ve known. He’s always pushing to get the best possible results and has great instincts for sound design and game development”.

-Jack Grillo

“Rick is a machine…I mean this…this guy was the first one in the building on Turning Point and the last one out of the building and sometimes…he never LEFT the building”.

-Dean Martinetti